GALAXY - Radiology Information Systems(RIS) for Hospitals


Radiology software for hospitals

helps customers in managing the entire radiology workflow and collaborate seamlessly across multiple departments. RIS makes information immediate, easy to access, easy to update, and always available for those who need to know. Its connected healthcare solutions take your practice to the next level. It is web-based application designed with high flexibility and ease of usage, implemented in single location or multiples. It keeps track of all the consumed items during any radiology procedure

Product Features


Patient Management

Apart from its integration with the appointment system, the RIS module is defined a maximum number of walk-in cases that can be examined. Over-booking is as well provided by the system


Pac Interfacing

The radiology system will be interfacing with PACS to feed it with all patient information required to complete image storing process. The interfacing technique is based on HL7/DICOM messaging technology.


Report Printing

This function serve the activities surrounding output and delivery of the validated Results. All reports are user configurable and easy to use 


Billing & Payments

Billing and Payment generation against all lab requests. Patient Category wise bills amount setup is available. 


Warning & Alerts

The system supports warnings/alerts for several cases the radiologist or medical staff have to be alerted like more than one procedure requested at the same time, Radiology-related in-stock items that have reached a minimum level


Role Based Access

Access is permitted to authorized staff of the respective healthcare center. The system ensures high security, business integrity and confidentiality  through full information log to the system by the administrator and eligible  users.


Interface with Other system

Integration with the Appointment System, warehousing/inventory system, clinician module and order management is available.



It provides reporting capability to track general performance of the lab. It is very easy to create the reports or pull this information from the solution as per requirement.


How It Helps

  • Streamline radiology workflows from scheduling to results
  • Enhanced Physician and Radiologist Productivity
  • Accurate, Comprehensive Management Reports
  • Tracks both patient and order progress, including patient’s waiting time, procedure’s start and end time
  • Establishment of a paperless environment while maintaining a digital recording
  • Optimize utilization of medical resources at the medical center
  • Optimize radiology resources and streamline workflow
  • Increase efficiency of medical care outcome

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