ORION - Dental College Management System

Orion is a comprehensive offer, fully customizable to a dental college's particular needs and environment to enhance their bottom-line and Return on Investment.
Orion is a

software solution for dental colleges

which has dramatically solved critical administrative issues that a Dental College faces in Patient flow, Store Management, Assets Management and is designed to the specific requirements of Dental Colleges by further understanding of the current process, priorities, interaction with the current potential needs of the proposed system. As a whole, the healthcare industry is facing intense pressure to improve quality, control costs, and meet ever - changing government requirements. To meet these challenges, many healthcare institutions are focusing on improving their workflow and restructure their information system. Tenwave offer Orion as ready made  solution for it.

Solution Highlights


Improve Functioning

ORION Software was designed and implemented to ‘unify and subsequently nullify’ grey areas and also to synchronize Clinician, Patient and Allied facets of Dental Hospital Functioning


Departmental Referral Tracking

The software is being used to efficiently streamline the outdoor and indoor patients wherein we can directly refer the patient from one department to other with their digital records in the software


Treatment and Revenue Monitoring

Patient Category wise treatment reports are generated at the end of every working day and analyzed for any discrepancy with respect to work step completion, treatment done and bill generation


Digital Medical Records

All medical inforamation and conditions  are captured in system, Loss and damage of patient records is avoided.


HL7 and Dicom Interface


Bar code and RFID enabled

Web based, No Client required

Cloud Ready

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Business Impact


Improve Patient Satisfaction

Result increase footfall collection


Help in Performance Monitoring

Easily Identify the improvement area


Revenue Management

Increased your Revenue


Patient Management
  • Central Registration For New And Old Patients
  • Patient UHID With Bar Code
  • Patient Category
  • Patient Card Lable Printing
  • Patient Outstanding Amount
  • Camp And Satellite Linking During Registration
  • Patient Feedback Option
OPD Management
  • Quick OPD Registration
  • Assigning Of OPD To Faculty, PG & UG
  • Follow Up Planning
  • Doctor Appointment Diary
  • Reminder To Patient And Doctor Via Sms for Follow Up
  • Not Reported Patient Tracking
Department Management
  • Medical And Admin Departments
  • SatelliteDepartment 
  • Faculty And PG Linking With Department
  • Department Wise Follow Tracking
  • Department Wise Material Consumption
Dental Case Sheet
  • Department Specific Case Sheet To Capture The Medical Information
  • UG And PG Case Sheet
  • Case Sheets Includes Complaints, History, Clinical Examination, Diagnosis, Investigation And Treatment With Work Steps


Prosthodontics Lab
  • Request From All Departments
  • FPD,CD,Acrylic RPD Different Stages And Data Tracking
  • Material Consumption
  • Performance Monotoring
  • Integrated With Billing
Clinical Research Dept
  • Internal And External Student Registration
  • Assigning Guide And Faculty
  • Tracking Machine Uses
  • Time Management For Study
MIS Reports & BI Reports
  • Mare Than 200 Reports In PDF And Excel Formet
  • Graphical Reports Available TO Analysis The Data 
  • Auto Emailing Of Selected Reports to Top Official
Laboratory Management
  • Lab Requests
  • Sample Collection
  • Reporting
  • Highlight Out Of Range And Abnormal Values
  • Result Visible To Requesting Departments
  • Machine Interface
Central Store
  • Items & Vendor Management
  • Quote, Purchase,Receive and Return Management
  • Threshold And Ideal Quantity Tracking
  • Sub Store Facility With Other Departments
Facility Management
  • Asset Tracking With Bar Code Lable
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Work Order Management
  • AMC And Warranty Tracking
Billing Management
  • Category Wise Management
  • Discount Authorisation
  • Partially Payment Option
  • Outstanding Tracking
  • Cashier Wise Payment Batch
  • Department Wise Outstanding Tracking
  • Patient's Medical Related Image Upload Provision
  • Consent Upload
  • Video Upload
Education Center
  • Faculty and PG can create the group for education Videos In System
  • Show IT TO Patient And UG to educate Them
Student Posting And Targets
  • UG Posting In Different Department
  • UG AND PG Treatment's Target
  • Tracking Of Treatment Targets
  • UG and PG Daily Patient Assignment