HEALYSTA - Mobile Solution


Healysta is our innovative mobile based platform to empower the patients and doctors to take the Information technology advantage in healthcare. This platform helps the patients in many ways like

  • Specialist Doctor search with schedule and Charges.
  • Appointments management
  • Online second opinion with video support
  • Online Lab, Pharmacy, wellness centers, blood banks, ambulance search
  • Online Bidding system to get the competitive price
  • Patient Medical record management includes the prescription, vital , lab reports.
  • Wellness education as preventative care
  • Video chat with care givers
  • Patient Community
  • Home care for chronic patients

Healysta will changes the approach in industry and make it patient centric. It empower the patients to take the better decision during the emergency and normal health needs.

Product Features


Greater Visibility

HEALYSTA helps you showcase your achievements to the wider audience. The service helps you manage your online search-ability and reputation more effectively.


Attract New Patients

Through HEALYSTA you can attract new patients, It also makes it easy your existing patients to connect with you. The patients get to know more about you, finds it easy to book an appointment with you, and are more likely to turn-up for their appointments


Boosting Efficiency

HEALYSTA helps improve overall time management, by helping doctors and medical receptionists. It is an online appointment scheduler that helps upgrade medical practice management. This helps them manage patient appointment rather effectively and quickly and the medical staff deal more with the patients.


Improve Administration

HEALYSTA helps you manage your patients better. Reduces your costs and improves your customer satisfaction


How It Helps

  • Single Platform, on which patient can trust for their healthcare needs.
  • Hand holding for patient where human touch required.
  • Quality checking & Monitoring of healthcare providers.
  • Automation to reduce the cost.

Powerful Tool and Quality Support



If you need extra help, our experts are here to understand your requirements and help you overcome any obstacles.



Our Solution is modular and easily customizable to fulfill the customer needs.



Third Party integration is possible.