POLAR - Software for Clinic Chains

In the age of competition, no industry can survive without pondering much about reducing expenditures wherever possible. The same is true for health care industry, which is witnessing sharp rise in price in almost all its products and services. The alarmingly high pace of upward movement of cost is making the produce of the industry beyond the reach of the mass. Here ERP play a crucial role to check the wastage and manage the revenue cycle for single clinics and chain of clinics. Tenwave developed the solution for considering needs of chain of clinics. It is the

best ERP system for clinic chains

which take care patient medical record, billings and inventory of each location and give the bird view to management 

Product Features


Patient Management

Patient Registration with detail demography and UHID generation to links all records.


OPD Management

Allow the staff to select the relevant OPD doctor and specialty/ OPD Room as per the defined roster available for the day


IPD Management

Allow the Admission Counter staff to allocate bed in the concerned ward. The system should display the status of the beds in all the wards in real time


OT Management

Ability to associate surgeons, anesthetist, technicians, nurses (normally 3 nurses - scrub, circulating, preparation) and equipments to the schedule of a procedure


Bed Management

Ability to maintain ward bed relationships and record admissions, discharge and transfers at the wards to update the bed census.


Nursing management

The system should allow the IPD doctor / Nurse to select the relevant section on the screen for entering diagnosis and doctor orders  and  Nursing Note


Roster Management

Ability to  generate the Roster for OT Room, Nursing Staff and  other Medical Staff


Billing & Payments

Ability to define payment types such as Cash, Cheque, Credit Card etc. and Ability to bill the patient before/after rendering the service. System shall provide the flexibility to configure in system



Ability to create and use predefined templates for reports, Support capture and processing of result data from automated analyzers via computerized interface. 


TPA Insurance

TPA module take care complete flow of Third party insurance, Easily track the pending payment and improve revenue cycle.


Doctor Revenue Sharing

Master driven setup, User can define the revenue sharing based on each service in percentage or in value.



Ability to handle the complete cycle of Pharmacy management from  purchase , stock management  and sales to patient and admission. Pharmacy is integrated with appointment and admission order request.


Management Dashboard

Live Specialty Wise Bed Occupancy Status, Live OP Encounter Status, Live Discharge Status,Average Length of Stay (department wise, Month wise) and many more


How It Helps

  • Improved clinical messaging and workflow
  • Improved referral coordination
  • Improved tractability and decrease human intervention
  • Improved employee/physician and patient satisfaction
  • Decreasing the risk of medication errors and decreasing liability risks with the help of EMR
  • Improved efficiency in treatment by accessing patient information in the previsit stage, and offering patient education in post–visit stage.
  • Reducing administrative cost & time by making processes seamless.
  • Reducing waiting time of patients from registration to discharge time. The faster a bed is discharged the faster the bed is available.
  • Investigation reports available from clinic’s website securely and hence saving time.
  • Easy to print & maintain PDF format reports with selection filters.
  • Barcode for every record. Registration, prescription, investigation etc.
  • Auto SMS for vaccinations & follow ups. E-mail test reports or send emails.
  • Patient history & EMR is easily manageable. Patients get records in a neat & hassle-free format.
  • Tight watch on revenue streams enforcing zero funds leakage.
  • Auto data backup. Your data is safe and secure in your system.
  • Graphical Charts for quick decision making.
  • Specialty specific modules available.

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