SIRIUS - Laboratory Information Management System

The primary objective of SIRIUS-LIS is to receive, organize, and respond to requests for laboratory analytical services. The system should allow only authorized users to enter a request. Once a new request is entered, there should be a flag on the screen to alert the lab personnel to view, acknowledge, and prioritize the request. Once the request has been accepted, response should be sent to the requester by way of electronic mail. SIRIUS is the

software for laboratory

designed exclusively for lab owners and pathologists to manage the daily operations of the lab efficiently and close watch on quality.

Product Features


Request Management

Keep track of the request providing when it was received, sample/test status, turn around time, etc. Prioritize requests. Allow lab personnel to assign a priority rating for request processing


Sample Management

Support bar code labeling. Print and scan bar codes for sample ID and other information. Utilize the bar code for sample handling. It includes scheduling, logging in, container labeling, distributing to the designated analysts and storing.


Analysis Management

Analysis schedule used to support daily planning of analytical activities, Once analyses have been scheduled, a status kept to allow users to query on any analysis status. The status could also be used for event triggering such as calibration notice



Result Acquisition

This function serve to receive and organize the raw data from analyses. It supports the manipulation of these data into analytical results to be presented to the requesters. Interface with lab instruments available.


Result Validation

For routine analyses, the system allow for validation automatically, configurable by authorized laboratory personnel. Result status used to trigger the comparison with corresponding specifications. The result marked as validated once passed through validation logic.


Report Printing

This function serve the activities surrounding output and delivery of the validated Results. All reports are user configurable and easy to use


Billing & Payments

Billing and Payment generation against all lab requests. Patient Category wise bills amount setup is available.



It provides reporting capability to track general performance of the lab. It is very easy to create the reports or pull this information from the solution as per requirement.


How It Helps

  • Tracking of sample using barcode
  • Machine integration , reduce the manual errors
  • Validation workflow for pathologist
  • Easy reporting with templates
  • Print report with technician and pathologist signatures
  • Auto highlighting of abnormal test results
  • Customizable print formats
  • Send report by email to referrers and patients
  • Archival for all test reports and medical records

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