The healthcare landscape is changing drastically, and many organizations are seeking ways to make improvements amidst the evolution. In healthcare, timing and quality is mission critical. To make informed decisions and deliver quality care, healthcare organizations need instant and accurate information pertaining to their assets, people and transactions. This actionable insight is gained through a set of enabling technologies in the areas of asset management, EMR and other backend operations. Tenwave‘s developed the Zanimus –IOT platform and it can be transformed as Remote Health Monitoring, Tracking Staff, Patients and Inventory and Critical Hardware monitoring solution.

Product Features


Reduced Errors 

IoT allows for the accurate collection of data, automated workflows and minimised waste, but most importantly it reduces the risk of error.


Decreased costs 

With IoT, patient monitoring can be done in real-time, drastically cutting down the need for doctors going out and making visits.  Connected home care facilities will also help reduce hospital stays and re-admissions.


Better patient experience 

A connected healthcare system creates an environment that meets each patient’s needs. Dedicated procedures, enhanced treatment options and improved diagnosis accuracy make for a better patient experience.


Improved disease management 

With real-time data healthcare providers can continuously monitor patients. This means that they can spot any disease before it spreads and becomes serious.


Healthcare Analytics

The use of IoT has also given a positive impetus to healthcare analytics. With connected devices in the application, healthcare experts can get access to a large amount of data, this helps in analyzing healthcare trends and also in gauging the effects of the particular medicine or particular health condition.


Meaningful & Timely Health Alerts

Using Care management solutions care managers can send alerts to patients, however with the use of IoT care managers can get the access to real-time data and thus can send more meaningful health alerts to patients and caregivers right at the time it is needed.


Better Chronic Care Management

One of the most important aspects of chronic care management is continuous health check up and health assessment of the chronic disease patient. IoT has provided new dimensions to remote patient monitoring. Now doctors can be more confident about remote patient monitoring and can also monitor the health parameters more accurately from a remote location, thanks to connected medical devices (IoT).

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